The  w o o d p o p  surfboard is a beautiful, handcrafted hollow, skin and frame wooden board and we believe that it is the world’s first ever functioning surfboard to feature marquetry.  As there are no precedents - it took almost 3 years of research and development to finally get one in production as the project was fraught with setbacks; a surfboard is made up of complex curves, being both convex and concave at the same time, which makes the application of marquetry incredibly complicated.  Added to which a surfboard is subjected to all kinds of stress in terms of impact and temperature changes which we needed to ensure the marquetry could withstand.  So after many months of extensive experimentation with different techniques - we developed a series of complex manufacturing procedures and finally the  w o o d p o p  marquetry surfboard was born!

These are boards for life, meticulously hand-crafted and we never repeat any of our designs so each surfboard is also a unique piece of art presented in a fantastically unconventional way.  They are shaped by Europe's best shaper of wooden boards, Paul Reisberg at Arbo Surfboards; master shipwright on the Royal Barge and all round genius craftsman which means that they also offer optimum performance in the water.

And for the icing on the cake - each board we make comes with a full set of environmental credentials and all are numbered and registered ecoboards (@sustainsurf).  Instead of being built around a foam blank - w o o d p o p  surfboards are hollow wooden boards and we use timber sourced from sustainably managed forests.  We also use bio-resins instead of harmful epoxy resins and each one features a wood fin that is glassed-in and a metal leash plug - so no plastic fittings or petrochemicals.  And to further support these ends and in particular where our marine environment is concerned we are giving away a percentage of the sale of each board to Surfers Against Sewage whose plastic free agenda resonates with our own.