The artist behind Woodpop is Emma Wood.  

Emma lives and works in rural South Wales where she employs the traditional craft of marquetry to interpret her designs.  When she is not in Wales you will find her in Mexico - somewhere very close to her heart and a country on which she draws a huge amount of inspiration and so consequently the place where she does most of her design work.

With both parents in the antiques trade, Wood grew up in a world of furniture auctions, French polishing, antique fairs and Briwax so a career as a marquetry artist was hardly a leap into the unknown.  Her career path however didn't necessarily take the most direct route veering from several years living in Mexico City then back to London to Madame Jojo's - the world's premiere drag cabaret club, before starting out in the Music Industry; first in the A&R Dept of EMI then going on to set up her own Producer Management Company.  In the background to her music career, Emma satisfied her passion as a designer/maker by producing promotional items for the recording artists and providing statement pieces for various record company offices.  Before long her punchy, pop-art designs were garnering significant attention from both the trade and national press - the day job was ditched and Woodpop became her sole focus!

As Woodpop developed, Emma went on to concentrate mainly on surface design, employing various  techniques, such as laser-cut laminate and different paint and stencil effects to update and re-invent pieces of mid-century furniture (click here for examples).  It was also during this time that Emma started experimenting with the traditional craft of marquetry.  The enjoyment of working with natural materials and the detailed nature of the craft really appealed and this traditional art-form has now become the sole focus of Woodpop.  Most recently, Emma has been experimenting with applying her marquetry to surfaces in a less traditional context - instead of furniture and panels she has been developing techniques to enable her to apply her inlay to skateboards and surfboards.  Please enquire for further details.

Wood is interested in music, surfing, pop art, colour and geometry, oh and Mexican wrestling of course.